What is MYRSO?

MYRSO is an innovative, premium, full spectrum cannabis extract. All ingredients are cannabis derived to deliver the full spectrum of therapeutic terpenes and other natural ingredients only found in cannabis. Whether it is used simply to activate your endocannabinoid system as a preventative/maintenance does, to a treatment, the MYRSO oil not only treats your symptoms, but it also treats your system.

How do I benefit from MYRSO?

To put it simply, MYRSO promotes homeostasis or general balance to your body of overall health. MYRSO can be used for but not limited to: overall wellness, treatment and symptom relief for a variety of ailments, and prevention and maintenance doses.

How is MYRSO produced?

MYRSO is sourced exclusively from fully activated sedative strains.  Our industry leading, state-of-the-art production facility allows us to source our own material and produce it ourselves to our critically important standards of excellence. This vertical integration allows us to provide patients with clean and consistent medicine they can count on.

What kind of solvent is used to extract MYRSO?

The extraction process uses only the naturally occurring organic compound ethanol as solvent.

What medical ailments have patients successfully used MYRSO for?

MYRSO helps treat and prevent debilitating symptoms associated with but not limited to the following medical conditions: Cancer, glaucoma, Chron’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Hepatitis C, Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or Positive status from the treatment of these conditions, including: Chronic or Severe Pain, Severe Nausea, Seizures including those characteristic of Epilepsy, Severe or Persistent Musicale Spasms, and Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome.

Is there more than one way to take MYRSO?

The most common way to take it is to ingest it orally. Some patients may use it topically for certain medical ailments, while other patients opt to take it as a suppository.

How do I safely dose MYRSO?

Dispense one dose at a time roughly the size of a grain of rice and use as needed. First time users are encouraged to try their first dose before bed to get a solid night’s sleep and to see how the medicine will affect them.

How can I assure MYRSO is safe and consistent in quality?

Each package has a unique QR code patients can scan to retrieve test results for each individual batch via our mobile responsive website.

What does MYRSO taste like?

Since it is a highly concentrated oil derived straight from the cannabis plant, the taste can be earthy and even unpleasant to some, but can be masked with food such as chocolate, or the patient’s choice.

What can I expect when medicating with MYRSO?

Since MYRSO is fully decarboxylated (activated) you can expect to feel the psychoactive aspects of the plant. Each person’s experience will be different and will vary based on body chemistry and tolerance/experience.

What if I don’t want to feel “high”?

Patients report vastly different experiences based on tolerance and experience with cannabis so please be mindful of your dose.

For new patients concerned about MYRSO’s level of psychoactivity we recommend pairing MYRSO with your favorite CBD product, whether it be tincture, topical, edibles - but without the full spectrum of cannabinoids (including THC), MYRSO wouldn’t deliver the same medical benefit to treat your system, not just your symptoms.

Additional questions about MYRSO?