Tips and Tricks

With the science of this plant at a staggering 20% that can leave a lot of questions for patients like you and I.

Much of our information about ways to use Myrso is coming from patients like yourself, so thank you for sharing your stories, and your experiences with us.

Lets talk about how to use and better understand the premium full cannabis extract Myrso.

Some patients pair with coffee

Some patients pair with coffee

We have been compiling a helpful format that addresses patients' needs and concerns, this list is constantly growing. So any information we learn we are happy to give. It is important to know everybody is different and the way we receive cannabis may vary. There are many factors to why your medicine affects the human body. One is as simple as being hydrated, a happy liver will help process this medicine. Now, what if your gallbladder has been removed. Edible consumption will be extremely hit or miss and mostly miss. Instead, you must focus on the mucous membranes inside your mouth.

Our nervous system is related to our CB1 receptor which means the nerves in your mouth the nerves on your skin all have the ability to receive this medicine.

Good to Know

  • Every unit of Myrso is weighed and measured on a State calibrated scale, equating to at least the full gram or a point or so over.

  • A Bubble may occur during filling of the syringe, the weight is still on par.

  • The medicine is drawn back when the desired oil is measured, where the tip is applied a small bubble is trapped.

  • When using your Myrso after you desired does pull back on the syringe to have the air stop the flow of oil.

  • Keep in a cool dark place when storing.

  • At the end of your syringe, you may use the syringe to slurp up hot coffee or tea, the heat and liquid will clear that medicine out of the syringe chamber, then squirt into your tea or coffee.

  • Drop your cap in coffee or tea to get residual oil out.

  • Storing and use

  • Do not store inside a hot vehicle.

  • Depending on the tip you may need to twist the cap off the syringes.

  • It is helpful to store your Myrso tip up, this way the oil settles downward.

    “I keep mine in a toothbrush holder”

    Ways to change the viscosity of Myrso

  • Run Myrso under a warm tap.

  • Warm the Myrso by gently squeezing in your hand.

  • Never use an open flame; you could melt the plastic syringe.

  • If applying to toast, wave the myrso syringe over the heat coming from the toaster.

    Ways to Administer

    Most patients start with a grain of rice size blob of oil. It is fine to do less. Listed here are a few ways one may apply Myrso.

  • Make capsules.

  • Make a topical such as lotions or salves.

  • Make edibles such as honey, coconut oil, chocolates and more…

    The possibilities are endless here; sometimes it is just a matter of rolling our sleeves up and doing some work for our health.

    The purpose of starting with such a small amount of Myrso is to allow the body to build a tolerance.

    We gain a lot of medicinal benefits from the rest of this cannabis extraction the THC however, is extremely psychoactive hence the building of your tolerance is so important.

We at Myrso take your medicine very seriously and would like to give you every possible resource we can. Every time you purchase MYRSO you are given a QR code on the package, that directs you to the Myrso website, you may find the details of your medicine here.

On the back upper right-hand corner of your Myrso box, you’ll see a date when your medicine was packaged. That means the syringe was filled and packaged on that date. Find your respectful lab report on the test page and behold your results.

Many of these tips came from patient Jennifer Do and the Myrso team, these tips have helped to provide a variety of ailments some actual relief.

Everybody is uniquely different and how this medicine may onset will vary.

Every person happens to have an Endocannabinoid system, which we are currently neglecting. This medicine treats that underused system designed for our health/homeostasis.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, we look forward to adding more as we hear from patients like you. If you have any interesting tips or tricks please feel free to share on our Facebook page, we would love to hear them.

Jeremiah Sasko