MYRSO Fruit Gummies

How to make your own MYRSO fruit gummies


The possibilities are endless when it comes to medicating especially with edibles. the question I get a lot in the cannabis industry is-

“If edibles are healthiest way to medicate why are they usually just junk food?”

This happens to be a fair question, the good news is thanks to MYRSO you can easily put the nutritional decisions back into your own hands. It is very easy to infuse MYRSO into a variety of edibles.

Here using the Myrso honey is a simple way to create delicious fruit snacks.

not pictured- silicone candy molds, hand blender

not pictured- silicone candy molds, hand blender

What you’ll need

  • 1 Gram of MYRSO/ Myrso honey

  • Your desired fruit

  • 4 packs of gelatin

  • Sauce pan

  • A pyrex measuring cup with a spout is ideal. (i did not have one on hand so i used a mixing tin)

  • Blender/ food processor/ hand blender. whichever you prefer

  • Cutting board and knife

Getting started

  • Rinse and slice your desired fruit

  • Add fruit to your food processor or blender

  • Empty and strain into a bowl

  • Place contents into a saucepan

  • Add Myrso Honey to the saucepan

  • Bring to a simmer then add your gelatin

  • Whisk in gelatin until smooth (if there are clumps feel free to strain them out before pouring into the molds)

  • Pour your fruit blend into your candy molds

  • Refrigerate overnight

  • After refrigerating pop the gummies out carefully.

  • Count the number of fruit treats and divide by the milligrams

    800 milligrams divided by 49 =16.3 mg apiece

I’ve kept these gummies in the fridge and have been living off of them for the past couple days and they are delicious.

“The best part is actually tasting the fresh ingredients that were used"

It makes take a few times and altering the recipe to get your favorite consistency.

If gelatin is a no go for you and your dietary needs, you could also use agar powder instead.

Enjoy your MYRSO gummies and the ability to dose your edibles.

Myrso-Bots… yum!

Myrso-Bots… yum!

Jeremiah Sasko