How to make MYRSO honey

A way make Myrso honey.

If you have ever tried Myrso then you know it sure has a unique taste. You can taste the plant matter which consists of the healing cannabinoids and the therapeutic terpenes and it is so thick.

As patients we have been looking for other ways to ingest Myrso and treat our neglected endocannabinoid system and to also address the taste.

Honey offers a variety of health benefits and is a perfect aid in the blending of the Myrso for an easy way to medicate.

If you have ever made canna-butter or canna-oil at home you know it can take hours to produce, at least 2 and a half to decarboxylate the flower. In addition you have the smell that can sometimes be off-putting.

With this method the time is greatly reduced and the smell is almost nonexistent.

“I personally love the taste of Myrso, it means relief is near”

What you will need

  • 1 Gram of Myrso

  • Glass Mason Jar

  • Pot of boiling water

  • Honey of your choice

How to infuse your honey

  • Place pot of water on the stove the set it to boil.

  • Pour the desired amount of honey into the mason jar

  • Run your Myrso gram under a warm tap to help loosen up the oil

  • Empty your myrso syringe into the mason jar of honey

  • Attach the lid to the mason jar

  • Place jar into the pot of boiling water standing up

  • Remove after 5-10 mins and check the progress

  • After the infusion has occurred allow the honey to rest or don’t depends on your need.

  • Enjoy your Myrso honey

This batch of honey was used to create Myrso fruit gummies!

This could be useful in but not limited to

  • Adding to hot tea or coffee

  • Spreading on toast

  • Add to desserts

  • Making fruit gummies

Depending on how much oil is used will determine the potency of your Myrso honey. Here in the small-batch above the honey is at least 700 mg of Thc

“ I round up to 800 mg since it is full spectrum and has other therapeutic benefits”

If you’d like a less concentrated dose per serving simply increase the amount of honey and decrease the amount of Myrso.

“Half a syringe would be 400 mg a quarter would be 200 mg.”

We sincerely hope these tips are helping you reclaim your daily lives.



Jeremiah Sasko