In a budding industry with so much trial and error

it’s comforting to offer a product directly rooted in doing real good. From headaches to cancer, relief has been found by hundreds of patients in MYRSO. MYRSO is a premium, full spectrum cannabis extract sourced exclusively from fully activated sedative strains. MYRSO offers patients the ability to buy quality medicine at the least expensive price in the state. Our industry leading, state-of-the-art production facility and grow allow us to source our own material and produce it ourselves to our critically important standards of excellence. We take pride in providing patients with consistent medicine they can count on. Each package has a unique QR code patients can scan to retrieve test results for each individual batch via our mobile responsive website. We also offer individual consultations and the opportunity to directly contact compassionate cannabis industry professionals.

Simply put, MYRSO provides patients with quality medicine at an inexpensive price.

Each batch of MYRSO is laboratory tested to ensure quality and purity, and all ingredients are cannabis derived to deliver the full spectrum of therapeutic terpenes and other natural ingredients only found in cannabis. The extraction process uses only the naturally occurring organic compound ethanol as solvent. All test results are instantly available online for patient review. We take great pride in providing quality medicine, at the most affordable price. That’s why patients count on MYRSO for consistent daily relief. Whether it is used simply to activate your endocannabinoid system as a preventative/maintenance dose, to a treatment, the MYRSO oil not only treats your symptoms, but it also treats your system.


How We Started...

Our company always saw RSO or FECO (Full Extract Cannabis oil) as a quality medicine, we never realized how much it could impact our patient’s everyday life until the creation of Myrso. The positive feedback and results continue to pour in.


With relief in mind we saw a demand in full spectrum medicine and for more full spectrum options. We saw an opportunity to create a full line of quality medicine that patients could depend on. We create our Myrso in our state of the art grow/extraction facility.

We started December of 2017 and have no end in sight. When we focus our energy on educating patients within the realm of cannabis oil, we create more informed and confident patients (in an industry that normally doesn’t have that).

The Starting Material...

At our state of the art hydroponic grow facility (where no pesticides or harsh chemicals

are used), we start sourcing the medicine from the most relaxing and sedative cannabis

cultivars. Sedative cultivars are ideal for patients that suffer from chronic to severe

illnesses by treating the body how it’s supposed to be treated. We collect energy from nutrients


in food and proper rest.

After we have chosen the best starting material we can for our patients, we then get into extracting the FECO from the plant matter.

The Extraction Process

At MYRSO, we use a short path distillation utilizing food grade ethanol and state of the art distillation techniques.

The whole process is carefully monitored until fruition. MYRSO does not put products on the shelves unless we are happy with the test results so some key points we look at it are: residual solvents, terpene profile and potency of the cannabinoids.

Residual solvents

Solvents can make it difficult for our bodies to process so the less is present in your medicine, we feel is ideal.

We are always happy to provide test results on every batch upon request. Test results can also be scanned from the QR code on the back of MYRSO packaging.


Terpene / Cannabinoid profile

– Full spectrum medicine contains a plethora of natural compounds called cannabinoids and terpenes which all have a therapeutic and medicinal effect on the human physiology.

Once the extraction process is complete, then the medicine needs to be purged of all leftover residual solvents which could take hours to ensure the quality we strive for.

MYRSO is something we take seriously and is a labor of love. But we don’t take any chances, after the medicine is complete, we get it lab tested and make sure it is accurately weighed and packaged.

It’s Not Just About Quality Medicine...

It’s about the compassionate service with quality information at the same time. Every

body is different so not all regimens are the same. The partnership of MYRSO with

Urban Greenhouse, stems from a place of sincerity and trust. When you pick up your

medicine, you should know the utmost care was taken in delivering this amazing product to you.